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wells1bj 11-29-2009 06:51 AM

Island help
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I am going to remodel my kitchen. I have an island in the middle of it and the back side of the island is going to open up to the living room. There is a stove in the island and that is where it has to stay. So my question is what to do with the island. Should it just be an island with a stove and that is it. Or can there be seating at the same level as the stove or does it have to bump up to a bar top and then have seating there. or any other ideas. THANKS!!!

**attached is ROUGH sketch of kitchen layout

Plumbing And Lighting 12-01-2009 02:45 PM

Thanks for the sketch. As long as you don't find them too obstructive, I don't see what harm a few stools on the side opposite the stove could do. Installing a bar top might make the Island more functional, but I don't think it's completely necessary.

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