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artnews300 08-30-2008 09:33 PM

Painting on Window (PAINT TYPES)
I live in a loft
I'd like to paint some of my windows different colors not just to make it look good but to also limit some of the light entering the place without making it too dark.
What types of paint are considered to be used for this kind of work. I eventually would need to probably clean it when i move out so I'd really want to have a easier solution to remove it as well
Thank you for your feedback


Square Eye 08-30-2008 10:17 PM

If you plan to remove it, your best bet would be latex, no primer, applied with a stippling brush, just dob it on and you won't have the annoying roller laps, brush marks or the mess from spraying. The stippling brush will give the paint a "texture" that you can make as random as you want by turning the brush or dobbing closer or further apart.

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