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kelley4180 11-16-2009 08:04 PM

recessed lighting in old house
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Was on a business trip and ended up in an ultra-hip DC hotel recently. One thing that impressed me was their use of 3-inch recessed lights. Really made a tiny hotel room have dimension to it.

We've got an old plain austere '52 ranch in the near suburbs of Atlanta. I'm thinking about putting some small recessed lights in our living room. But, would love to hear thoughts on whether that's a mismatch of styles. (I.e. Are 3" recessed lights good for big city condos/hotels, but not suburban brick ranches?) I'm attaching a picture of our 17/11 foot front room. I've thought about putting three 3'' lights above the fireplace wall (one above each of the bookshelves, another in the center of the fireplace), and then two more along the ceiling above the couch. Design thoughts greatly appreciated.

lou19604 12-20-2009 10:43 PM

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That is a nicely designed and laid out room. So in being with my radical styles.

First I would tear out the wooden shelves and replace them with glass then use a 3" dead center of the square . For the fireplace I would go 1' In from the outside edges and 3' from the wall. I would also go with the directional eyeball type.

Then I would put 2 6" lights on either side of the room above the couch maybe keeping them in line with the 3" from the fire place


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