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duderino 03-22-2014 09:37 AM

To remove wall, or modify or leave alone?
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I have this wall, It's load bearing, I have permits and a contractor however I don't have an idea.

I think removing it might mess up the flow of the house because of that entrance door which as of right now can't be moved. however the light situation and space would benefit from not having that partition.

Any ideas?

inspectorD 03-22-2014 05:54 PM

Folks do all sorts of different things. The biggest issue you have is the heat. On one side you have baseboard in the living area, and a radiator on the dinning side. You will still need this heat somewhere to heat the spaces. And when you make larger openings, it gets harder to heat rooms evenly.
Just a thought, if you want more light in the room, Put a window into the wall area. Or a pass through with a granite top and bar that extends out into the door area. And keep the opening as it is.
Good luck.

Drywallinfo 04-05-2014 06:53 AM

I think the window idea might be the best, easiest, and cheapest option - just make sure to use the proper size header since it is load bearing. If you need to patch up your drywall afterward, check out

Unless, like we had at one time, you have little kids and pets that like to use your home like a racetrack. :) Our open plan allowed that. Hard on floors though!

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