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Tim209 03-10-2014 11:19 AM

Teak Furniture Addiction
Most of us on the forum love wood furniture, but I have a new addiction. I used to be crazy about oak and mahogany furniture, but then a few weeks ago I ran across some pictures on Pinterest of a teak table and chairs that created feelings of lust.

What caught my attention at first was the pair of table extensions standing up like gull wings in the middle of table. I had to enlarge the picture to see what it was. The oval tables extensions actually folded up and dropped into a recess in the table for storage, but that is not what kept my attention.

The englarged photograph let me see the grain and texture of the teak and the lust began. There was a silkscreen of the brand name, Antex Furninesia, on the bottom of the picture. I hunted for more pictures on Pinterest for their products and ended up wasting a few hours looking at furniture. My favortie was a teak table with a set of wicker back chairs.

I do not plan to replace my oak dining room table and chairs, but the teak table and chairs would be fantastic out on the deck. That is one of the biggest advantages I am finding out about teak, is how well it stands up to outdoor conditions. It is more expensive than the steel, glass, and plastic furniture we have looked at for outside before, but this is furniture I would be proud to own for years.

Do any of you have teak or wicker furniture you use outdoors? Does it last as long as I think it will?

I keep looking at all the pictures of the furniture on pinterest. I think my partner is about to concede to the fact I will never be satisfied with that glass topped table with its atrocious umbrella.

nealtw 03-10-2014 05:24 PM

It has more oil in it than cedar has and it stands up well out doors. Because of the oil it is hard to glue and that might be a reason you seldem see like a dining room set out doors, the glue may fail.

beachguy005 03-11-2014 02:21 PM

I used to live on the MA coast and had a couple of tables. The oldest was a 3 foot square, coffee table height. Had it between a couple loungers on my deck. Used as a table and bench.
Left it out there year round. Never sealed or oiled it. It was in the sun all day, when it was sunny and covered with ice and snow in the winter.
When I sold that house I gave it to my sister. It was still like new except the brown teak had weathered to a beautiful gray.
Great product as long as you're buying quality furniture.

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