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TxBuilder 01-13-2006 01:55 AM

Wood paneling
We have some old wood paneling in the living room my wife wants to paint. Anyone here have some pictures of theirs or examples of painted wood paneling?

I am having a hard time visualizing it looking good. I think it might be better to tear it down but curious to see pictures of it painted.

smalllake 01-20-2006 08:19 AM

I will try to send a picture later - do not have one handy yet but I can tell you what a difference it can make - My home I bought had paneling - I hate paneling - but it was painted a cream color. I have been able to live with it for 3 years, otherwise that would have been the first thing that came down in my remodel efforts. You have to look close to notice it is paneling. It does take alot to get into every grove however, and I would use a primer the first coat.
If you are creative here is another idea my friend did over her paneling - she did the "tuscan" look - used sheet rock mud and put on in random patterns with the putty knife. This made it look like old stucco - and you could not tell it was paneling she did this over - then she painted the walls.
Hope that helps some for you.

Square Eye 01-21-2006 09:55 PM

Painted paneling.
Attachment 13

Attachment 14

Attachment 15

Not so bad, not so good. Looks better than it did.

Tom in KY, hot, fast and cheap.

HandyMac 01-21-2006 10:11 PM

I painted all these walls over 10 years ago. The original paneling was dark walnut, circa 1978. Two coats of tinted Zinsser Bullseye 123(water based) and two coats of latex enamel---15 year warranty paint by Glidden.

I purposely used a brush, as roller painted paneling looks fake.

TxBuilder 01-24-2006 10:34 PM

Both look great! Now I can visualize what it's going to look like. Good tip on using a brush vs. a roller. I will post pictures of my project once I finish.

inspectorD 01-29-2006 07:20 PM

It's a Wavin at cha!
Dont forget to use a low gloss paint or you will see all the imperfections. Also it will show the wavy look if you are not propely fastened.

Good luck!

TxBuilder 03-26-2006 01:37 PM

What do you mean properly fastened? <--- Edit: Looking at again nevermind. DUHHH!!!!

Tom can you outline what you did please. Did you just apply a coat of primer then a coat of paint? Take any special precautions or did any special techniques?

Square Eye 03-26-2006 04:14 PM

A coat of Kilz 2 stain-blocking latex primer with a short nap roller, 1/4". Then two coats of Porter 100 series Hi-hide interior latex also applied with a short nap roller. Make sure the roller spins freely on the frame or the roller will just slide on the slick paneling. Use wax on the frame or WD-40 before you start. Caulk everything right after you prime. The primer will make everything you need to caulk plainly visible. The short nap rollers will let the grain show through the paint as you can see in the second picture. If you don't want the grain to show or if you have patches or other imperfections, paint with a 3/8 nap roller and do 3 coats of paint. I barely did any prep at all. I drove down a few nails, added a nail in a couple of places, not much else.

I've done the same thing to many other homes and our local Farm Bureau Insurance office. The demonstration I did for them was; I painted a sample color on a scrap of paneling with a piece of scrap casing glued to it. I painted it in the manager's office. I went back the next day, pulled out a sharp 5 in 1 tool and I couldn't scrape it off. He asked (skeptically) how sharp it was so, I Planed off the edge of the paneling with it. He was impressed, Hey! I was impressed! That was 4 or 5 years ago, the office still looks great. My kitchen was painted this way 4 years ago and the only problem is where my son's chair rubs the wall.

Tom in KY, shhhhh, I told Sandy that I'd put up a chair rail 2 or 3 years ago. Heh-heh.

milehigh_woodcrafter 04-04-2006 11:05 PM

keep in mind if the carrier in your new finish is the same as the carrier i the original it may may re-activate it and cause lots of problems, it may not adhere it may bubble it may,,,etc... make sure to give it a good wash first with tsp no matter what (tri sodium phosphate)

Fixer-Upper 04-06-2006 09:49 AM

Will someone post the pics of the painted paneling again? I would really like to see what it looks like. What do you mean by the "carrier" in the old finish? The finish on the top of the wood paneling?

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