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ajnabi 09-17-2008 03:45 PM

Is 3/16" pegboard OK?
I wanted to put up 1/4" pegboard in my garage--the kind with the shinny white face.

Unfortunately the only thickness I can find is 3/16. It seems awfully flimsy. Does anyone have any experience with this 3/16 board. Is it fine once it's up?


glennjanie 09-17-2008 09:19 PM

Hello Frank:
The 3/16" pegboard is light duty. If you are not hanging anything heavier than a paint brush it is perfect. Otherwise, you may need to look further for the heavy duty kind.

Daryl in Nanoose 09-18-2008 07:18 AM

Hold off for the 1/4". Like Glenn said fine for light duty

ajnabi 09-18-2008 06:30 PM

OK, Thanks for the responses. I think I'll get the brown in 1/4" and paint it myself.


glennjanie 09-18-2008 07:09 PM

Now you have it Frank; way to go!
I would recommend you get a wagner power sprayer to paint the board. You'll get a much smoother job out of it.

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