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yellowkat 04-30-2011 08:46 AM

Basement Ceiling - Leaks
So my boyfriend and I live with his parents, and so did his sister until this weekend. Since she is leaving we are moving into the basement and no longer have to put up with his 9x10 bedroom all the time, YAY! Anyway onto the problem...

I've only been living with them for just over 2 years and early last year our bathtub upstairs leaked downstairs, it didn't just leak a tiny leak though, it was literally pouring down, through the insulation, through the ceiling panels. This happened 2-4 times in 2 months, until we just switched to showers only upstairs. The ceiling panels are all yellow now and the insulation has water stains and areas of it still appear to be damp. Is this something to worry over? Most of the water appeared to reach the floor but I'm still nervous about moving down there, mold, more leaking, ect.

Another thing, I noticed the ceiling in the closet(away from where the bathwater came down) there is a small leak, and they have to constantly keep a bucket beneath it(I know this leak has been going on since I moved in). Is this something to worry about?

I'm guessing the constant leak might be worse just because back in February they bought a new fridge upstairs and his dad fell one leg through the floor because the old fridge had leaked for 2+ years into the floor and it weekend and molded the floor and beams beneath it.

We're trying to stay living with his parents because we're both still in school, and both are trying to pay off the last of our debt and save up but... with problems like these I'm really not sure if it would just be a better idea to get out. His dad most likely won't fix it, or will but do it half assed. They put all of their work into their second home out of state, but next to none here.

joecaption 04-30-2011 08:02 PM

A smelly, moldy, basement with no windows, and cedar on the walls. I'd be so out of there.

nealtw 05-01-2011 11:50 PM

Joe is right, this is no place to be living upstairs or down.

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