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Sf49168 10-02-2013 02:44 PM

Bathroom walls lots of moisture & Damaged drywall by tub
Hello ,

My bathroom is roughly 9x5 and every time we shower the walls always tend to have a lot of moisture on the walls very quickly. I do have exhaust fan which is the biggest ive seen allowed for a 4in duct.

I also get water damage where the tub meets the wall on the actual Sheetrock. I do have those plastic water "stoppers" but that doesn't seem to help. I replaced that section ( small 12in x 8 in ) about 3 times already

Not sure what else can be done. Any help will be great


nealtw 10-02-2013 03:20 PM

Welcome to the site. A 4" duct should be enough but you also need to look at the length of the duct and the number of bends in it. One ninety degree bend is like adding 5 ft to the run. I took ojne bathroom apart to find a three inch duct with five elbows in three feet and one joint had fallen apart and the end of the duct was stuck into fiberglass insulation for twenty years. When the fan is running put a kleenex over the screen, it should hold it there. If that works try it again with the bathroom door closed, sometimes there just isn't enough repacement air.
For water getting around the shower curtain, I've seen success with the new curved curtain rods and the trick is to move the rod into the shower area about 5 inches. With the curve you still have more room than with a straight rod.

CallMeVilla 10-02-2013 11:03 PM

The best solution is to go to a 6" duct, along with limiting the turns and kinks as the very wise NealW said.

Ever thought about shorter showers? Tell the wife she has 5 minutes and you're coming in with a digital camera ...

Your wall is another issue. Sheetrock is NEVER waterproof, even green board. Best solution is to remove all the sheetrock and install Hardie board (cement board). Seal the corners with waterproof membrane or use fiber tape and Red Guard. Tile the walls. This is a great DIY project and will fix the moisture penetration.

Now, about shorter showers ... :D

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