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Handyman101 01-22-2007 05:13 PM

bulge in the cieling
A follow-up examination reveals a difference of about a half inch at the walls in reference to the bulge. That cieling beam is definately lower! Sheetrock mud will not fix this would take 40 to 50 pounds of mud and some serious sanding, and it probably wouldnt last very long! Nope I'll either shim the existing surface of the sheetrock, with different thicknesses of something wood, lathe or something, then apply another set of sheetrock panels over the others and use longer sheetrock screws, OR Remove the sheetrock, shim the beams directly to match the lowest beam within 1/8 inch, put up new sheetrock, using a hoist, tape and sand and paint, either way its not gonna be a fun job!

cibula11 01-22-2007 07:52 PM

That's a bummer! If it were me, and its not, I would take the drywall down and fir (shim) the existing joists out to meet the depth of the longest joist. Adding drywall will add quite a bit more weight to the ceiling.

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