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richh 01-13-2011 09:26 AM

drywall problem
We have an 18' peaked ceiling in our family room. The drywall tape is separating from the side wall where it meets the ceiling. This problem was repaired once before. Our painter feels that heat and or lack of humidity is causing the problem. A proposed solution is to cover the tape with crown molding. Any thoughts on this approach??

havasu 01-13-2011 09:35 AM

Crown molding helps with many corner imperfections, and is a classy look to the room when finished. If it covers the bad corner, go for it! Also, please take a few "before and after" pictures so we can see the difference as well.

eokhuijzen 01-16-2011 05:36 PM

Sounds like you had someone do a bad job on the drywall. Sorry :( Get thick molding because the cracks may get bigger over time. This may be somthing that over the years may need to be redone....sorry. But thick molding will look nice and last a long time.

J-Rock 01-17-2011 01:17 PM

What do you really want the peak to look like? If you like the look of molding and think it will enhance the appearance of the room, then go for it. If you think the molding would look like a "cover up", there are ways to permanently correct your cracking issue. First, and if possible, you need to make sure the trusses (rafters) are not moving excessively with the outside temperature changes. Additional attic bracing may need installed to prevent this. Second, you can purchase (from a box store or drywall specialty store) plastic cornerbead that is designed to be installed in the peak of a cathedral. This cornerbead typically come in strips or rolls and are much wider then "normal" cornerbead (about 4-5" on each side). I've used this product many times to correct the cracking problem you are describing. Never had a call-back for additional cracking.

punchrem 03-11-2011 08:52 AM

I would go with correcting the wall, I have a similar problem in my house and I have already tried covering it 3 times... It's more of a hassle but you get rid of the problem once and for all.

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