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milbry18 08-20-2007 06:12 AM

Drywalling: No studs in Corners
I am drywalling over horse-hair plaster. In almost all of my corners on one side doesn't have a stud to attach the drywall to. Is there anything I will be able to do? I did liquid nails the sheets of drywall when I hung them, but some of the sheets still have some play. When I try to send a screw in the corner it goes in so far then stops. Would drywall nails work any better? Should I trying laying some glue in the corners? I saw on the interent they make tabs or stops, but i wasn't sure if i could use them after the drywall is hung? Or will the drywall compound hold it good enough? Thanks in advance!!

inspectorD 08-20-2007 06:58 PM

You need to install a piece of wood to back up where you attach the drywall. Some places sell clips...ussually a big drywall supplyer, not big box stores.
When the drywall is already in and you push it and it moves....only one fix....spray foam insulation behind it.

Messy messy job.

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