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hedgehog88 11-23-2013 03:50 PM

Molding during winter
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I have an issue with, what is to believe, molding on the corner wall in my bedroom during winter season. Its odd that I don't see it during summer but only during winter and especially at the same location every year. Now it looks like its heading to the corner ceiling. Am I right to say that there is a leak behind the drywall? Or is it just trap moisture? There is a wardrobe there occupying the space which is also catching mold. I have been using a mold spray product which gets rid of it but does respawn the next season.

What are my options when it comes to eliminating this mold-fessed corner? Should I check the attic (insulated filled) for leaks? Is it something that just require deeper cleaning? I don't want to tear down the walls if possible as that would be my very last option if it comes to it.

Since I'm discussing molds, I have mold around my window frames due to condensation on the windows, I believe, and the water is leaking down. Is there any solution for that? I notice no other new windows installed there are mold, even especially in the basement.

Any and all response are greatly appreciated.:)

Thank you.

nealtw 11-25-2013 06:10 PM

If you have to much moisture in the air in the house it will find cool places where it will condence and creat problems like this. Are you in the habit of running the bathroom fan for a while after the shower and doi you use the hood fan when you cook. More often when you have a leak showing up on a wall you will also see water stains and dammage to the drywall. You may have not enough insulation in the walls or poor circulation of the heat in the house but mostly you have to much humidity.

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