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Hawkeye1959 06-29-2012 06:44 AM

Need help with a ceiling part
Bathrooms have I suppose what you could call drop ceilings made up of some sort of insulation material with a white lower section visible in the room. These individual sections are supported by rails on studs on two sides. The other two sides of it are supported by removable inverted T strips made of plastic. Over the years the insulation sprayed into bathroom attic area has weighed down these panels and the plastic T strips have misshapen under the weight and ceiling is sagging in one area.

What I need is proper nomenclature for these T strips and possible source aluminum ones would work best i suppose.


kok328 06-29-2012 08:55 AM

It's simply called ceiling tile grid. You will have 3 different pieces in an installation. The "L" grid that goes around the perimeter of the room. The "mains" that run the lenght of the room and the "cross pieces" that tie the mains together to create a 2'X2' or 2'X4' pattern. Readily available at the local "big box stores".

Hawkeye1959 06-29-2012 12:12 PM

Thanks located the kit on Home Depot site

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