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SavvyCat 12-24-2009 02:49 PM

Oh oh... Shower is falling apart!
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Over Thanksgiving I pulled off all the gloppy and gross silicone the former owners lined the guest bath with and replaced it neatly with beautifully applied latex caulk (if I say so myself). I knew the master bath was in a little worse shape, but planned the same thing for this long weekend, including properly replacing a row of tiles (It looked like he just stuck them on with the same silicone.

Well, I pulled the tiles off and it's all brown and gross, and an earwig was in there, and looks like he attached the tile (he tiled the whole shower himself) to sheet rock with the silicone instead of backing board. Part of it is soggy and part is cracked and broken. See picture.

I have no money right now, but plan to replace the whole shower in the future. What is easy that I can do now to keep it from getting worse, but without have to tear it out? I bought combo adhesive and grout just think I'd line the tiles up better and make it neat. Can I get away with laying in some compound to rebuild the backing and then reset the tile? I promise to make sure I have a good seal if you say yes. Really, it can't end up worse than it started. If I have to use something else, what should I get?


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