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frogholler 11-08-2010 06:58 PM

old lumpy walls and ceiling
My hubby and I are in the process of getting our old 71 year old house ready to sell in Tn. It's one of those homes that were built piece meal over the years. Our biggest challenge is the kitchen. It is 17 1/2 feet long and is narrow. the ceilings are very low. Maybe around 7 ft. The walls and the ceiling are full of lumps and bumps and we don't want to go through the time and expense to tear them down and start over. Is there some way to camouflage the imperfections? Thanks.

frogholler 11-09-2010 05:10 PM

Thank you for your reply. We were thinking of using a texture paint but being that it is a kitchen, we didn't think that having a rough wall would be a good idea since a kitchen does get greasy over a period of time if a lot of cooking is going on and scrubbing a rough surface would be hard to do.

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