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TheBuvs 05-22-2011 08:47 PM

Re-Texturing Question
We hired a contractor to re-texture and paint the walls in our new house before we moved in. The contractor claimed he re-textured the walls before he painted it but when we were doing a walk through, it was obvious to us that he did not do any re-texturing. The walls looked worse than before! When confronted, he changed his story to say that re-texturing occurs after painting is completed. This makes ZERO logical sense to me, goes against my research on the subject and we've already caught the contractor in lies re: cigarette damage he or his workers have done to some patio furniture we have. Our movers are set for 2 short days away...

Is there any school of thought that says re-texturing is done AFTER painting?

Master_Class_Drywaller 06-14-2011 02:42 PM

You are correct. I would suggest informing people of this contractor because he obviously has no idea what he is doing, or (and probably most likely) was just trying to scam you out of some hours on the job. What kind of texture do you have on your walls now and what were you looking for him to do? Re texturing walls isn't the easiest task to do, especially if the texture you had before is rough or thick.

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