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starryeyedhippie 04-06-2012 12:45 PM

Renovating Mid-Century Home, Ceiling Ideas?
Hi everyone! I'm in the process of giving some much-needed attention to a small mid-century home. We just tore out a poorly installed drop-ceiling as the sheet rock behind it was falling. All in all, the whole house has been pretty neglected - lots of cover-ups instead of repairs. Anyway, we got carried away pulling all this out and now I'm left with just the vaulted space. I LOVE IT! I want to keep it like this (see photo) but I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what I should do with it. This is the bedroom, and the walls definitely do not match the ceiling area now, and need some repairs as the drop ceiling was apparently hiding a TON of hammer holes in the upper walls that I'll have to fix now too. I like how much space this has opened up as the house is really cozy, so I'd kind of like to bring some light up there and figure out a way to make the walls and ceiling not-so-separated. I'm kind of a newbie and I'm just not sure what to do next. Any thoughts?

nealtw 04-07-2012 01:24 PM

Making the attic area into living space like this will be a prety big job. The ceiling joist can not be removed as they hold the outside walls in place. The rafters would probably have to be made bigger to allow enough insulation and airflow above the insulation. You would need to install a ridge vent at the peak of the roof and make sure that you have soffit vents between all ther rafters.
I don't think this will the reward you are looking for, considering all that would have to be done.
If you decide to just put up drywall there are things you do first.
BTW welcome.

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