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eastwood 06-04-2007 05:30 AM

Round Walls

I'm a do-it-yourselfer still in the early stages of home remodeling. I've learned a LOT since I started almost two years ago but still am full of questions.

I am planning on rounding my staircase to my basement where the bottom stair points roughly 45 degrees away fro the top stair. The question is with the rounding... How much water should I spray onto the drywall before bending it? On top of that, how do I cut/bend a round sill or rail for the staircase?

I appreciate any information anyone can provide. Thanks in advance.


glennjanie 06-04-2007 07:38 AM

Good Morning Jim:
You sholud spray the drywall lightly and frequently over a 24 hour period; it has to be wet all the way through to make it do what you want. One guy told me he and his buddy threw 2 sheets into a pond and left them overnight (I have trouble believing that). Hanging the wet sheets will be the trick to this job and keeping them in the smooth curve until they dry out completely. You may want to consider 3/8" drywall for this application.
Bending wood takes a lot of steam an sophisticated machinery; it would be best to purchase these already bent.

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