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tchestman88 09-05-2013 09:31 PM

Shower leak through wall tiles and floor rot
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Shower leak through wall tiles

I found that a leak was coming through my sub-floor into my basement. After inspecting the shower, I realized that the tiles, the first 4 rows from the bottom felt loose. I then removed these tiles throughout the perimeter of the shower to realize that they all kind of just came off with ease and then noticed that the wall behind was wet and had some mold. I treated the mold, now need a tile guy I guess. The behind the tiles was just sheet-rock with glue that held the tiles on. After looking at the sub-floor, beneath the shower, from the basement, the sub-floor is wood-rot, it feels like I can peel layers or push my hand through. I was suspecting that water got behind the tiles in the shower, and leaked to pool underneath the shower which lead to the floor rot.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be most appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

nealtw 09-05-2013 10:28 PM

Welcome to the site and sorry about your shower. All the tile and drywall has to be removed so you can see how bad things are with the wall framing.
You should be wareing a mask and keep the door closed and fan running bag the all this stuff seal it before transporting thru the house.
You can judge the condition of the framing with a screwdriver. Stab a nice clean peice of wood in the crawspace and compare that with stabbing the wood that is affected.
This looks bad, you may consider a mold removel expert company.

Drywallinfo 09-06-2013 06:32 AM

You may want to remove the tub and gut that whole area. Then replace with a tub enclosure - that is what I would do. Once the tub is up you may need to replace some sub-floor as well. A big job I know (from experience!), but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

tchestman88 09-06-2013 05:21 PM

Sounds like removing all might be the best thing. I could do the gut job, but if I hired someone to do the install, and I'm thinking also to install new sub floor at the worst scenario. Do you know how much someone would charge to do this work. And at worst worst case, what do I do if the wall studs/framing is wet?

nealtw 09-06-2013 05:50 PM

It all depends on what you find when you get there.If you hire out the job it shouldn't be one guy. You need someone that understands framing and how to fix it or at least smart enough to call for an engineer when one is needed. Most often it is just hack and change framing members and kill the mold in the discoloured wood that will be left in place but sometimes you find real problems with major supporting structure that needs to be addressed properly. Then you would need a plumber if the plumbing has been disturbed for other work and maybe update what you have. If there is no drywall work to be done then you would have a tile guy come in.
Some of the newest and best products are expensive, be carefull of low bids and handymen that just replace what you have had, you how that turned out.

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