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JamesT 02-26-2011 01:51 PM

Sound insulation board expansion gap?
I was given a sizeable stack of 1/2" sound insulation board, and thought I would attach it to my garage walls to cut down on power tool noise. I know it won't do a lot, but it was free...

What I can't determine is whether an expansion gap is required between sheets. I assume lack of Google results means no, but I want to be sure. The garage is dry, and I live in a fairly low humidity area.

joecaption 02-27-2011 06:44 AM

Sound board could be any number of differant products, is there a name or anything writen on the panels?
Most codes call for any garage walls that make contact with the home to have 5/8 fire code drywalls as well as the ceilings.
What color are they? If there black and say Cellotex on them there highly flamable and must be covered.
Did you insulate the walls with fiberglass batts yet?

JamesT 02-27-2011 01:30 PM

Thanks for the response, Joe. The panels are tan. No markings, just a little barcode sticker that says they were made in Canada. I saw what appears to be the same thing at Lowes. No ID there, either, other than "soundboard."

The garage is already sheetrocked. I'll just be installing the soundboard over that. I did find installation instructions for a product called Homasote, which stated that there should be a 1/8" gap on the long dimension, and a 1/16" gap on the short one. I think I'll go with that.

nealtw 02-27-2011 09:23 PM

donnacona is what it sounds like you can google it

JamesT 02-28-2011 09:44 PM

Probably is. No more luck with that than with sound board in general. I think I'll be okay with the gap I'm using. I notice some reduction in the noise from the neighbor's water heater already (calcium deposits, bang, bang, bang). Not that it can compare to my planer.

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