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nebie_diyer 06-04-2007 06:59 AM

Wall Knockdown
Hello to all,
I am remodeling the basement of my little rambler (built in the 50s), and would like to knock down a wall to open it up a bit. Iíve been researching information on load bearing walls and was hoping to get some other's opinions.

The wall in question does run perpendicular to the floor beams; however, there is a steal I-Beam that runs the length of the house and is roughly 3' from the wall I want to take down. I took down enough dry wall to take a look, and the floor beams overlap and rest on the I-Beam. There is also only open floor above the wall on the first floor of the house.

Based on this and the research I've done, I've come to the conclusion that this is not a load bearing wall and I am safe to take it down without putting up anything in its place. Is my thought process sound? Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

glennjanie 06-04-2007 07:27 AM

Hello Nebie Diyer and Welcome to the Forum:
Yes, your logic is sound. You could knock out a couple of studs to see if they are exceptionally tight; if not, you can go for it.

Rustedbird 06-06-2007 04:23 PM

Having removed quite a few walls, work as neatly as possible, it cuts down on the dust and mess. I like to cut the drywall in large chunks and pull it off the studs. Then just take the studs and then the plates out. As you open up the wall, check for surprises, like wires and such.

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