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quiltingal 10-06-2006 02:16 PM

Electric glass cooktop?
Hi, I am new to this forum, so if my question has been ask before, I'm sorry.

I am trying to decide on a new Electric glass cooktop, and would love to get some input on which ones are good and what the higher price ones offer that the cheaper ones don't.
Also, what is the difference in one that has "conventional(fixed elements/burners/zones) and one that say Non, fixed elements/burners?.

What is the difference in radient elements and Ribbon radient elements?

I've been looking in line and trying to compare all the different brands, but have to confess I know nothing about them.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

ccc 10-06-2006 05:37 PM

Why do you want an electric glass cooktop? I just purchased one and miss my old cooktop with coils. You could use any type pot on it. I have to be so careful with the glass one. It is pretty, but that is all I can say for it.

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