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JohnchambersJr 01-24-2011 10:29 PM

Frigidaire dishwsher
I am leasing a house with a one year old Frigidaire "Professional" series dishwasher. I own a plumbing company and have checked the drain routing and made sure the knockout is removed at the dishwsher. There isno air -gap. It will not drain. I have run it through multiple cycles with the same dishes and the drainwater is filthy. It did go into a discharge cylcle related to nothing I believe I did and empty last night, further bewildering me. I can find not model numbers. Is there a reset perhaps?

inspectorD 01-25-2011 05:31 AM

Welcome to the site, :)
And as far as a reset? I have not heard of one, but then I don't know it all either.
As far as the not draining, I did have the same issue with mine last year. The screen and tiny macerator at the bottom of the unit was blocked with a piece of glass. This made it so the pump would not kick on to drain the washer tub , it would work , then not work. Hope this is the problem, otherwise it sounds like there may be a short in the board.
Good luck.:welcome:

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