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lesliemorris85 04-28-2013 09:38 PM

Going green
Hello everyone. My husband and I have long decided to reduce our energy consumption at home, but the process has been slow however since the upfront cost is quite high and a return of investment cant be immediately felt.

We had a contractor install a PV a roof-mounted PV system to augment our electricity usage. Then we had our energy usage audited and, not surprisingly, the results say that lighting accounted for the biggest percentage (we are light hogs, lol). You can check here for a DIY style energy auditing

So obviously the first thing we had to do was solve our light problem. It was either we remove some or get better and more efficient bulbs. Eventually we decided to swap all our lights to LED bulbs that we got from homedepot ( and

Next were planning to go over the list of appliances we are currently using based on the audit and try to determine which ones we could love without. Should be an interesting family discussion lol

Any other ideas or suggestions to reduce energy usage at home?

nealtw 05-02-2013 12:35 AM

It is interesting and you should let us know what you have found in your audit. They should have also suggest a safety inspection at the same time.

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