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micmicul 05-30-2008 05:22 PM

instaling and venting fireplace
Hi guys
I need advice for installing a fireplace in my basemant.
I bought a B vent fireplace which I intend to went to the common chimney in the house that the water heather and furnace is using. what are the building codes for this does the fireplace have to be above the other appliances on the vent pipe or at the bottom is just fine.
Any advice is welcomed regarding my project, so please post your thoughts and knowleadge.

Thanks in advance guys.

hondadrv24 05-30-2008 07:16 PM

not totally sure, but don't think you can vent a fireplace with the other appliances. check with your local building inspector office, they are usually very helpful. I'm sure others on here will know also.

micmicul 05-30-2008 07:36 PM

The only reason I was thinking about this is because the contractor that installed my furnace said that he'll install my fireplace too and he wasn't sure if he's supposed to go above or below the other appliances

Why would not be ok to use the same B vent, I really don't have other options right now and the fireplace is already at my house.

inspectorD 05-31-2008 06:23 AM

Typical contractor tryin to make a buck...he should know better. You do not connect any venting fireplaces to any shared vents.

You really should get the inspector out there to inform you on what your best options are. Some units can vent out the side wall, and others need at least 12 feet of vent to work correctly. Read the manufacturers instructions to start out, and never vent within 3 feet of a window.

It's not hard to do the install, but it needs to be done right as you know..or folks could get hurt.

triple D 05-31-2008 09:34 AM

I see lots of remodel installs out here where the gas guys have a 6" pipe into the existing chimmeny. Then they have put a linner in the brick to create a new pipe to roof level to ensure no leaks. And I very commonly see a furnace and two gas water tanks vented into this by using a 6-4 y pipe. Measure your stack, or liner to get your square inches, and know the size of the pipe your going to tap off of. Then get the btu rating off of your furnace and water tank, and the proposed fireplace. Now you can begin calling gas contractors to see if your current set up will accomidate these three items or if you have to go out wall above foundation. Anyways just another couple cents for what its worth, good luck partner.

micmicul 06-02-2008 05:58 PM

I have a 6 inch vent that goes outside to roof

water heater's intput is 50000 BTU vent pipe is 3 inch going to the main one
furnace intput is 57000 BTU vent pipe is 4 inch going to main one
fireplace input is 25000 BTU vent pipe is 5 inch

can I hook up the fireplace in the same main vent?
some people say yes some say no, others say yes but install a couple of CO2 detectors

I'm really confused but I need more advice

triple D 06-02-2008 11:45 PM

Is the stack inside a chimminey? or is it just a triple wall stack passing up through chases in house? Reason I ask is because I wonder if brick, is there enough room for another vent stack in chimminey? If not your really going to want to present this info to a gas guy and ask him. Will the added draft snuff out any pilots or anything ? Not that my opinion is worth a whole lot, but if it were asked, I would say not to add this in to current set up. Good luck, you could also ask local bldg. inspectors opinion hypothetically.......

inspectorD 06-03-2008 05:42 AM

Not the saftey police
I understand your wanting to vent the appliance to the shared flue, and I'm not the saftey police. But in my profession I see all kinds of things done wrong, it's what I am paid to look for.
The basics with gas are you need to give it enough pipe to vent correctly. Water is a by-product of gas , and rots pipes and chimney flues.
Fit to many together at the wrong connection points and you will have Carbon monoxide leaks and improperly working units down the line. They will also damage your clay flue liners in your brick chimney if that is what it is venting into.
So basically you save a buck now, and it will cost you down the line. It can also cost serious harm to your family.
Just my opinion, but my family is worth way more than a couple pieces of pipe and some extra money.
As always, get a CO detector, with any combustion units.

I'm just trying to help and be firm in my opinion.:)

hondadrv24 06-04-2008 12:29 PM

one other thought, does the fireplace you are installing need to have the double walled pipe in order to bring air in from the outside for combustion???

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