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laurap 11-17-2012 10:35 AM

Kenmore dryer
My dryer isn't fully drying. I set it to auto-dry, but I've had to rerun it multiple times. The lint catch is clear, & I've tried the vacuum connection with no luck. It's probably 8 years old; am I just SOL?

Wuzzat? 11-17-2012 03:42 PM

The sensor & electronics that detects moisture in the load may be bad.

1st step is to price out this part vs. the price of new dryer, assuming your labor is free.

kok328 11-17-2012 06:54 PM

Check to see if there are any obstructions/clogs in the dryer duct run.
Make sure the impellers on the air circulation fan blades are clean.
To do this you will have to remove the back panel and some other items to get to the blades.

jeff1 11-17-2012 08:14 PM


Model#? Some model# helps.


but I've had to rerun it multiple times
A copy:

Q: Dryer takes too long to dry or multiple times to dry a load.
A1: Pull the dryer out away from the wall. Unhook the vent from the dryer completely. Do not put anything over the dryer exhaust on the back of the dryer. Do a normal load with the vent unhooked. If it dries better or ok like this then the problem is in the dryer venting. Like a blocked vent pipe or a smashed or restricted vent hose.
A2: If the vent doesn't make a difference, then check the blower wheel for excessive lint build up, check that there isn't anything stuck to the air intake baffle inside the drum, (i.e. the screen on the back wall of the dryer when looking into the drum). Check the lint filter chute for blockage. Check that the heating element isn't shorted to ground. Check the exhaust temperature of the dryer. A meat thermometer or pocket thermometer can be used for this. It should cycle approx between 120 degrees and 160 degrees ( without clothes ). Check that the drum seals are not worn out.


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