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Austin 10-15-2013 02:14 PM

Lawnmower Recommendations
Fall is here which in Texas means most everything is going to die so mowers are going on sale.

My wife want an old fashioned push mower. Any suggestions?

Chris 10-15-2013 02:50 PM

Just don't get a side thrower, I hate mine. The bag is smaller than any other and doesn't attach real well and it gets in the way around plants and trees.

oldognewtrick 10-15-2013 04:23 PM

I just bought a Husquarvna, self propelled, mulching/bagging/side discharge with a Honda engine. Key word here is Honda engine. Starts everytime first pull. We have a couple Honda generators, a Honda pressure washer, I wouldn't have anything but...just my :2cents: Oh yeah, I even have a Honda 4 wheeler...

Chris 10-15-2013 06:19 PM

My mower is the same thing. I just hate the side thrower, I would rather a rear bagger but the mower itself is a nice piece.

oldognewtrick 10-15-2013 06:21 PM

I've been using the mulching feature and as long as the grass isn't to tall , works well.

Chris 10-15-2013 06:48 PM

I did that the whole first year I owned it, it works well.

Drywallinfo 10-15-2013 08:52 PM

You talking about a real old fashioned push mower? As in a reel type? If so, I would type in "reel mower" on and then read the reviews.

bud16415 10-16-2013 05:39 AM

I have to agree with old dog. Even though I have a yardman and find it completely ok I am very impressed at anything with the Honda engine on it. I bought a pressure washer a few years ago and took it out of the box checked the oil and filled it with gas and it started on the first pull and has for the last couple years. We don’t bag our grass around here so side discharge is what I like. The safety features on these new mowers drive me crazy though. Everyone I know has a zip tie to hold the safety bar down because it’s such a pain stopping and starting. The second annoying safety feature is the drag behind toe guard. It’s so long it catches on everything when you pull it backwards. So everyone takes those off or trims them shorter. The grass deflector chute is so close to the ground nothing can get out so everyone Jimmies them to hold them up with a stick or something. And the worst of the safety features is the toe bar that covers the lower part of the chute to keep toes out. It also collects grass and plugs up. You then see people reaching in there to unclog it as they have their handle tied down. They all have all this stuff on them now and as you take it off or disarm it you take away any liability the company had for the safety of the machine. Just keep your eyes open for mods when you are looking for a used mower. Common sense should be used on what you want on your mower based on who you have running it and how close you are to others and objects when mowing. I never understood collecting the clippings they are good for the soil IMO.

Austin 10-16-2013 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by Drywallinfo (Post 92515)
You talking about a real old fashioned push mower? As in a reel type? If so, I would type in "reel mower" on and then read the reviews.

I am. No gas, no electricity, just push it and go.

mudmixer 10-16-2013 09:36 AM

Austin -

I am in the same process. - Looking for a very good reel push mower.

I am in a townhouse/quad home situation where we have lawn service for general mowing, fertilizing, shrub trimming that is pretty much amateurish and many people do not even bother to water properly (clay with high run-off). Since I have a good location with 3-30' blue spruce, 40' ash plush shrubs that are real assets, I decided to get a reel mower to do things right after the lawn butchers do their quick job (fast, wide tires high height and pack it down to look good for a day or so. - I will also get some good exercise and pride.

It is hard to find a real good reel mower now. I don't want to go to the extremes that I have seen internationally where greens on a golf course are trimmed by hand with a scissors, but just good enough to make others do something as an improvement.


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