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guessoso 08-14-2011 01:41 PM

is my dishwasher leaking
I have water leaking into my basement. I see water on the cement. I also see water stains on the wall. When I go upstairs my dishasher is right above it and I had it on.

I can't repair this myself. Do I call a dishwasher repair person for this? A plumber? I don't know how to do this myself. A service call isn't cheap, so I don't want to guess and call the wrong repair person. When I look under my sink, I do not see any water leaking. I don't know about pipes. However, my sink isn't running, but my dishwasher is on and I see fresh water.

kok328 08-14-2011 04:24 PM

There should be a 3" kick plate along the bottom front of your dishwasher. A couple of screws hold this on and when removed, will provide a view of the bottom of the washer.
Remove this panel and run the washer to inspect for leaks.
It will either be dripping off the pump or the supply line.
Depending on the make/model & age, a new seal kit can be purchased to repair the problem.

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