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missmeryl 10-27-2007 11:47 AM

Need Help With Old Stove
Just moved into a new place with a stove that appears to be from the 70's maybe 80s. according to previous tenants the stove was the best ever and was working just fine when they were moving out. I moved in a month later and nothing is lit or warm or working and i don't know how to make it work.

The problems I'm having finding a solution are:

1) There is no brand name or model anywhere on the stove that I can see
2) I can't lift up the top part of the stove like every other stove I've dealt with in the past
3) There are two buttons one red and one green and the only other thing on the stove is a picture of a flame.
4) The oven is not working either

There has been no leaky gas smell though and the gas people were out doing work on the building and said everything was safe

Any help on getting the stove up and running would be greatly appreciated!

glennjanie 10-27-2007 01:54 PM

Welcome MissMeryl:
One of my favorite stars (Bridges of Madison County).
The stove probably has electronic ignition. Turn a burner on and wait 90 seconds to see if it lights. You should hear a faint clicking sound while it is attempting to light.

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