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kmloughran 07-21-2014 05:09 PM

Range Hood Install problem
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Under cabinet Hood install Back vent

I am in the middle of a Kitchen remodel (first time for me). I ordered all new appliances including range hood. I took the old hood out, and had it hauled away. Problem is that I didn't notice that the vent to the outside was offset in the back. So the hole to the outside in my wall is not centered, and I now have no idea how to get a hood installed with the offset vent. (there is a stud preventing the centering of the vent). it's off by 3 inches (12.5 inches to one side 6.5 to the other)

can anyone tell me if there is a hood out there that allows for this? or what I should do??? is it possible to just lose 3 inches of venting and vent out of a smaller opening? by leaving it offset?

thanks all.

CallMeVilla 07-21-2014 10:04 PM

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Done my fair share of vent hoods ... Usually, the vent can be directed either upward, out the back or toward the front (which blows, not vents).

My first instinct is to cut out the wall and reframe to center the hole. No big deal with some 2x4s and some drywall fixing. However, if that is a bit too scary ...

You problem is that the hood needs to sit flush with the back wall. You have no choice here. This aligns the front bolts which come down through the upper wood cabinet. If you hold the hood off the back wall, those bolts will NOT catch the threaded holes in the hood ... MAJOR OOOOOPS.

So, your next best solution is to vent upwards through the wood cabinet. That might entail cutting into the drywall above the cabinet and then diverting at 90 degrees to the outside wall (my guess is you have a 2nd story above your kitchen?) Again, no big deal because you can replace the drywall and re-paint inside the cabinet.

FIRST, I would take this up with the vent hood manufacturer. Just identify the model and style you like BUT DON'T BUY IT. Write down the model number. Call the manufacturer and send them the pic. They should have something that can help.

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