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CallMeVilla 11-20-2013 08:03 AM

Repairing Metal
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No category for this, so I tossed a dart ...

The picture shows a broken plate on a cast metal venturi assembly for a commercial stove. The air comes in the narrow end and mixes with gas at the round plate. The burner (not shown) sits on top of the round plate.

For various reasons, the plate fractured. I have never tried this before ... but I thought to experiment with two products which claim to mend metal without welding.

I am using high temperature JB Weld and (on another assembly) QuickSteel. The JB claims to actually mend. The Steel looks like a crack filler without mending application. Since there are a lot of cracks in these assemblies at the heat end, I am going to see if their claims hold up to the real world.

Anyone have direct experience with these products? Success? Failure?

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