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a4rye 09-24-2008 01:21 PM

Weird fisher & paykel drain problem
Hi, I have a fisher and paykel double dish drawer in my home that has developed a weird draining problem.

about every other use one of the dish drawers will not drain completely, usually a 1/4" or so of dirty water remains in the washer. I've checked the drain screens of both the top and bottom and they are both clear of debris. I have not yet snaked the drain lines because I figure that if it fully drains about 50% of the time that there must be some other problem.

Is this common with these washers? Thanks!

MWStout 09-26-2008 08:28 AM

That's annoying. I don't have a ready answer, but is it possible that it is not a drainage issue? Is the washer stopping before the end of the cycle even though all water has not been emptied? Does it have some flood protection feature that is kicking in and shutting it down?

Kerrylib 10-01-2008 03:54 PM

I have a Kenmore (made by Fisher Paykel) that occasionally does same thing. I've discovered that if you close the drawer and start it running, first thing that it does is starts to drain the water. Listen for the pump and water draining. When that stops, stop the dishdrawer and open it up to see if water is left in the bottom.

I don't have a real answer for you as to WHY it doesn't drain all the time, but yes I've noticed this happning to mine on occasion, so it isn't just yours doing something strange all on its own.

Rainsford 11-24-2008 10:05 PM

If this is still ongoing.
Check to make sure there is a high loop in both drain lines. This keeps water from running from your sink drain into the drawers. To duplicate the condition fill the sink with water, then pull the plug. See if the water level rises inthe drawer. Also make sure the y connector at end of hose is horizontal (one hose not on top of the other) to keep one drawer from pumping into the other.

Kerrylib 12-01-2008 11:16 AM

Good suggestions Rainsford. I'll have to take a look at the Y-connection on mine to see that it isn't set up to cause water to run back to the other unit. I did set it up with a good loop higher than the sink level, but you never know.

rldev 11-11-2010 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by Kerrylib (Post 25664)
Good suggestions Rainsford. I'll have to take a look at the Y-connection on mine to see that it isn't set up to cause water to run back to the other unit. I did set it up with a good loop higher than the sink level, but you never know.

Did you find a solution to your problem? I am having the same problem with my top drawer. I sometimes have to run a cycle 3 times to drain. Other times it works fine. The bottom drawer always works fine.

rnddude 11-19-2010 11:09 PM

As previously stated, check the drain loop height, too low and it will back-drain into the tubs. Also, do you know how to strip all of the tub contents and clean it out? It may be contributing to the problem. It is easy to do....remove the silverware tray, then the entire wire rack, tipping it up from the REAR first. Then just remove the spray wand, it just sits there. Then rotate counteclockwise (I believe) the securing ring on the large stainless steel bottom and remove it entirely along with the debris filter. You will be amazed at how filthy it will be under there! Clean it well, remove all standing water with a sponge, reassemble everything in reverse order, CHECK THE DRAIN HOSES LOOP HEIGHT, THE TOP OF WHICH SHOULD BE AS HIGH AS THE HEIGHT OF THE UNIT IF POSSIBLE, then run a fast, non-eco cycle with a bit of soap and no dishes to clean the unit out. This has always worked for me. There is a really good forum site for Fischel-paykel I know of, mostly people bitching about how FP is garbage, but there is a treasure-trove of how-to-fix FP problems on it by the few believers who know how to keep this unique units running well.

Dabble-round 02-18-2012 05:41 PM

I've had the same problem for about 3 months but its intermittent. The issue was a piece of egg shell in the drain between the filter ( where the water collects in the bottom of the draw) and the pump. I had removed all the racks, the silver filter and the pump about 6 times looking for the problem. In doing this it must have dislodged the shell a little to let the water past but it blocked a day or two later. Eventually I pushed a 4mm thick piece of flexible plastic wire through the hole in the casting of the draw, from the drain side too the pump area. If you have a squealing noise when the pump is working I've found broken glass in the pump area. Also, with this model of dish-draw, you need to clean around the top of the draw because the detergent used in the draw accumulates around the seal of the draw and will let water escape. It pools in the electrics causing a F1 default to flash. You need to remove the bottom draw and sponge up the water. You can then use a hair dryer to dry it completely or as I do now, leave the draw out for about 6 hours if its warm where you live

oncoals 07-14-2012 12:02 PM

My 8 year old DD603 top drawer doesnít completely drain anymore. The bottom drawer, which we use much less frequently, drains fine. Iíve snaked the complete upper drawer drain system. The drain hose was then removed, re-snaked, and high-pressure air (110 psi) and then high-pressure water (70 psi) pumped through it. It flows very well. There are no kinks in the ribbed, semi- rigid hose.

I reinstalled the hose, replacing the flap return-water valve in the hose and installed a new impeller/rotor, in the top drawer. Prior to installing the new rotor, I switched the upper and lower rotors, with no change in performance of the drainage for either drawer.

Iíve disconnected the drain hose from the sink drain and measured the fill and drain volumes for both the top and bottom drawers. Iíve done this for the Rinse, Normal, and Fast cycles. The Rinse cycle is characteristic. The bottom drawer fills 8 cups and drains 8 cups. The bottom drawer fills 8 cups and drains 5.5 Ė 6 cups. 2 Ĺ - 3 more cups of water remain in the upper drawer than remains in the lower drawer after the Rinse cycle completes.

Visual observation of the output of the drain hose into a bucket reveals that the flow from the upper drawer is much weaker than the lower. The drain system of the upper drawer is clear and un-kinked and a fish-tape with a wad of cloth passes through well.

Eliminating a drain-line problem; I conjecture that the upper drawer motor has diminished in power output or something has gone wrong with the controller board. I looked at the electrical connections on the bottom of the upper drawer and they appear all to still be secure. Iíve considered swapping the electrical harness between the upper and lower drawers, but decided not to because they are different lengths and there are more connectors than want to mess with.

Suggestions or recommendations?

MadeInNZ 09-09-2012 10:14 PM

This is a common problem, the fault will either be a piece of debris stuck in the drain tube from the sump to the pump impellor which will need to have a firm 4mm (preferably plastic) rod passed through the hole , remove the impellor before clearing the tube and turn off the power to the unit for safety. Or it is a cross draining issue which can be resolved with this part.

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