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drumz 05-20-2012 12:50 PM

Mice in the ceiling
Someone put 1/4 plywood on the ceiling of the bedroom of my home that was built in 1941. It is an addition to the original house and in good condition using box nails it is secured well to the ceiling joists. I had to create an access to the ceiling and found it is insulated but the bats are rolled crosswise on top of the joists so all the bays are open and have lots of mice droppings and a 2 skeletons in one spot I looked at.
How should I approach this? I have 2 Fox Terriers so I thought I would get a hazmat suit, go up there with them, close the hatch behind me and have my shop vac, start rolling the bats up and vacuuming my way throughout. Does that sound like a good way to go? Or is there a bomb I could put up there where we evacuate the house for a few hours, but my wife who is a cancer survivor doesn't want me using anything like that...

asbestos 05-23-2012 06:12 AM

I would try regular mouse traps, that is what many pest control people use. and if you don't want poison the go with that. the droppings may be old. try a few traps wait several days and then when they are all gone mask up suit up and bag the fouled insulation and re-insulate. I am not sure about the shop vac. may blow lots of dropping dust everywhere. don't want to get the hantavirus. Just make sure they are gone before you reinsulate. try and find as many access points as you can.

gargar 01-21-2014 03:54 PM

No do NOT use a vac on mouse droppings thats the worse thing to do . As you suck the droppings up there is air boure dust that blows out from the vac and is a serious health hazard

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