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TheLadyBrooke 09-10-2012 04:25 PM

The house I am looking to buy for renovation has evidence of termite damage in the wood behind some exposed exterior siding. The electrical box has been partially pulled off the house and you can see the tunnels in the wood underneath. It looks really old.

The seller says he's not seen evidence of a current infestation since he bought the house five years ago and, as he works for a pest control operation, he's had the house treated. He says he'll have it retreated before we buy it.

If the damage is old, how much is too much. None of the walls are exposed for us to see. Is it simply a gamble?

notmrjohn 09-21-2012 06:22 PM

Without an inspection by independent termite control expert you have no way of knowing if termites gone, even with owners re-treatment . Without a qualified building inspector you have no way of knowing extent of old damage. How much is too much? That's up to you, how much are you willing to pay to make repairs? With out inspections, you pays your money and takes your chances. If I could not afford inspections, I for sure could not afford repairs. I'd pass. Electrical box pulling away from house is not good sign, if owner doesn't care to fix what can be seen, how diligent has he been about what can't be seen?

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