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lulobster 05-26-2008 09:01 AM

Ceiling repair
My walls and ceilings are made out of concreate and plaster. i really want to bring down all the walls and ceilings that are cracked and replace it with 5/8" dry wall. now, the celing is a problem. some of it is cracking, not fully coming down but i had someone look at it and they said they would put dry wall up with the ceiling to hold it up and make it look uniform. they were going to use 5/8" and also long screws going into the beams in the ceiling. is this a good idea or just bring down the ceilings all together??

can i ask, is there anyone in nyc that is willing to help? id pay, not much, but not to low of course. weekend work? =\ i really need help..

decorative ceiling tiles 06-12-2008 12:25 PM

Ceiling Repair
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I don't know how bad your ceiling is.If it would be only cracks i would cover it with some ceiling tiles.They are easy to install and add insulation as well.5/8 drywall is normal for ceilings and is pretty heavy.So If I was to do it I would replace the ceiling all together you dont want to add extra weight.If the ceiling is cracked only i would cover it with some decorative ceiling tiles.


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