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SavvyCat 03-12-2009 08:15 AM

Does Pergo smell when it gets wet?
My house smells like a barn. Not the poopy cow kind of smell, but the damp wood kind of smell.

A month or so ago I had a main line clog that backed up the bathtubs and luckily seemed to only spill fresh(er) water. The really weird thing is that none of the bathroom tile floors got wet. Whatever happened flowed underneath the tile and to the perimeter floors. It wasn't a lot, so the carpet only got wet for about the first foot, but I'm wondering if something happened under the Pergo just outside the guest bath.

When the water dispenser leaked in the kitchen, it swelled and curled the edges of the flooring, but nothing is happening in this spot. I hesitate trying to peek under it in case I can't lay it back down and it's not the problem. I don't even know what kind of sub floor is under ther, if any. I also wondered if it's a creature in the walls because there are two air return vents in the same area, but I recently replaced all of those and it doesn't look like anything has ever tried to live in there (although I found a very old, un-nibbled mouse bait).

Suggestions are very welcome.

GBR 03-19-2009 10:41 PM

Hi SavvyCat. Is anyone living here experiencing allergy symptoms? When water spills inside, under wood or carpet, especially unclean water, it is a perfect breeding ground for mildew or mold. ASAP after a spill, pull carpet back from tack strip at perimeter, blow heated air or just air (box fan) until dry, re-attach. If to late, may need bleach solution.

Put a new mouse/rodent bait in space, check on after 2 weeks. Dead critters smell for a few days, then nothing. (They slowly decompose or dry.) They look scarier but they are a lot quieter.
Small your carpet up close- the nose knows! Be safe, GBR

moldgirl 03-24-2009 01:13 PM

I agree with the above post; if you close up the ceiling before checking for mold you could create more problems. I found lots of helpful information on mold problems at this mold removal web site you should check it out. I am also googling a lot on mold.

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