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Smeckers 03-14-2006 02:03 PM

Exposed brick wall in shower
My master bedroom suite is an addition off the original house and the shower has an exposed brick wall (the original exterior). Water seemed to be soaking into the brick and then leaking down onto the lower floors, so we applied a sealant (Behr wet-look) to the brick and surrounding mortar. The leaking seems to have stopped, but I just saw a post under 'Painting' that warned people not to paint over brick because the trapped moisture can cause the brick to break. Should I be worried about this and, if so, what can I do to prevent it?

Thank you!
~First time homeowner

james b 03-14-2006 05:25 PM

did the paint state safe for use on bricksome paint will alow for the brick to breathe and let the moisture escape.

Square Eye 03-14-2006 05:32 PM

Youve sealed the brick, you have the climate somewhat controlled in the bath room, I think you'll be alright. Trapping moisture in a brick isn't really a good thing especially on those old flaky mud bricks. On modern bricks that have been baked and sealed, I don't see that much of a problem inside the house. Moisture inside a brick will most likely do damage when the temps get below freezing. The moisture will expand and flake the surface off. That is usually an exterior problem. Unless you like REALLY cold showers.

Reseal the brick every time you think it's getting worn and redo any caulking at the first sign of trouble, peeling, cracking, etc. You have probably got the most high maintenance shower I have ever heard of. That Wet Look sealer will probably be easier to clean with a few coats on.

Hey, could you post a picture or two? That sounds pretty neat. I'd like to see it!

Tom in KY, not going to make a habit of peeking in people's showers.

inspectorD 03-14-2006 05:42 PM

So your brick is the old exterior. Is it a wood framed home and this is the siding or is this a double brick wall which holds up the house.
What is at the bottom of the shower? Did you just tile up to the brick? And if you did how did you tie in the waterproof membrane?

To answer your question if I paint the wall will it break, I would say no because it is not exposed to the exterior. However you may have just locked in all that moisture and not really solved the problem just covered it and water is penetrating somewhere else.

Someone with a good building background in your area will be the one to call.

This sounds like it could be worse than you think.


inspectorD 03-14-2006 05:44 PM

SQUARE EYE YOU BEAT ME TO IT AGAIN !!!!You type to fast!!I need some scoolin.

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