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condoowner 05-21-2011 11:25 AM

First timer with ceramic flooring
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I am considering replacing the existing linoleum flooring ion my two ensuite bathrooms by ceramic tiles but I never tried this before and I want to make sure I am starting a project I can finish....

On top of the questions below, I'd like to know what tools and supplies (except the tiles, glue, grout and spacers) I will need.

I have some concerns with the existing configuration/construction. Here's my questions:

Picture 20 & 21 shows a small wood molding installed all around the bathroom. It goes from one side of the door to the other side, in front of the cabinets and the bathtub as well. I assume I'll need to remove this right? Then what will I need to install to hide the interface between the tiles and the baseboards? Do I need to pull the baseboards as well?

Picture 22 shows the junction between the bedroom carpet and the bathroom linoleum floor. I understand I'll need to pull this aluminum strip out but I am worried about the final thickness of the tile flooring VS the bedroom carpet. I don't want to have a "step" up or have problems with the door rubbing on the tiles. That is even worst if I need to install another plywood sheet to strengthen the floor and add rigidity so the tiles don't crack.

Picture 23 shows an overall view of the bathroom. Its a small ensuite bathroom, approx. 7' x 8' minus the cabinet.

Regarding this problem, how do I determine if the current floor is rigid enough and does not require adding a new plywood sheet?

Finally, what about the toilet? Anybody has instructions on how to remove and reinstall the toilet?

Like you can see, I'm very new to this and I don't want to screw up. SO generally, I'd like to be given some general instructions and advices so I dont end up having to hire a contractor to finish the job :)

Looking forward to hearing your comments or recommendations!


joecaption 05-22-2011 08:54 AM

By the questions your asking I'd suggest at least hiring this job out and just watch how they do it and then decide if you want to do the next one.

condoowner 05-23-2011 04:32 AM

Yeah contracting it out would work but my goal is to give it a shot if I feel comfortable. I have been told the was not that big of a deal and taking my time to do it properly could just end up fine.

By posting onthis forum I hoped to fill the knowledge gaps. For example I know how to replace the entire toilet now. One of my buddy showed me and afaik it's not difficult at all. I also know how to install the tiles.

So basically I know bits and chunks of the whole job but I'm the kind of person that won't go forward if I don't have a clear sequence of actions.

The other thing to keep in mind here: I am in no rush whatsoever to finish this job and my goals behind this job are

Increase the value of my place
Learn how to do it, so in the future I can attack bigger jobs
Have fun!

So hiring a contractor will only give me a clean and quick job but I'll be back at square one once he's finished.

I hope this helped clarify what I'm searching for.

nealtw 05-23-2011 10:23 PM

The first question is subfloor. Remove the heat register and measure the thickness. Doors can be cut and toilets can be spaced up. I would remeve the quater round and leave the molding. Replace the quaterround later.

condoowner 05-25-2011 05:30 AM

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Ok I checked the subfloor and it appears to be made of a 3/4" sheet with a 3/8" sheet on top of it. Not sure though if the 3/4" sheet covers the entire area or it's installed only around openings to reinforce them ( such as around the heat registers...).

I would think it's covering the entire area since the bathroom is tiny. Attached is a picture of the construction. Is it common to use ONLY a 3/8" sheet for a floor? I imagine its too thin and would fail!?

The floor feels pretty solid to me, but obviously I cant determine if it deflects more than ceramic tiling would allow...

Once I am confident in the flooring, I will start the job by removing the quarter round molding, the toilet and the linoleum...

nealtw 05-25-2011 11:43 PM

You will need to be sure that the 3/8 is well attached to the 3/4 sheeting. If there is any doubt it should be replaced or at least more screws added.

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