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mattgmann 02-26-2009 10:16 AM

floor finish safety
I'm in the middle of refinishing my hardwood floors, and will probably start applying finish later today or tommorrow.

The question is about fire safety. I know when using alcohol based finishes it's necessary to extinguish any pilot lights in the house. I'm using an oil modified urethane. Normally I wouldn't risk it and just turn off the pilots, but the weather is quite cold here at the moment. I'm worried about not having any heat, and applying finish in 35 degree weather.

The furnace and water heater are in the basement, and there are no fire hazards on the level with the floors being finished. Do I need to worry? Would covering the cold air returns on the 1st floor help prevent to much fumes from being taken into the heating system?

glennjanie 02-26-2009 08:34 PM

Welcome Matt:
I would leave the furnace running and open a couple of windows on opposite sides of the house about 4" to get cross ventilation. The air circulated by the furnace doesn't come in contact with the burner or pilot light and your need for heat is correct.
If the fumes begin to get too high, you could open another window or two.

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