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breaks911 11-23-2013 10:50 AM

Garage Dance Floor Help
Hello everyone! My daughter is an avid tap dancer and I am looking to install a dance floor in a 10x10 space I have free in the garage. I have looked into the prefab tile systems (swisstrax, etc), but most are not the right surface material for tapping. She typically dances on marley floors at her studio (which looks like just a vinyl covering installed on wood), so I would like to use the same material.

I'm not a DIY pro, so looking for some ideas on how to do this without breaking the bank, yet having a stable floor.

I have thought about laying hardwood/laminate style flooring with the marley over it, but even for the small space it is pretty expensive. Also with only 1 edge of the dance floor being up against a wall, not sure if the floor would stay secure.

Currently I'm thinking about T&G OSB instead of hardwood. Maybe putting an underlay beneath that? Any thoughts? Also, what would be the preferred way to secure the OSB to the concrete?

Happy to entertain different suggestions as well -- I've got until Christmas holiday to get this project done.

Thanks in advance!

nealtw 11-25-2013 05:58 PM

Welcome to the site. You could look at drycore for a sub floor it comes in 24"x 24" panels that lock together

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