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ikonenm 10-17-2010 03:24 PM

Hardwood Flooring Compressor/Nailer -- would you buy?
My husband and I have bought solid hardwood to do our upstairs (approx 900 sq ft). We need to get a compressor and a nailer. We do not want to rent because we want to take our time doing it (over a couple days/week)..and renting is expensive. So here is the predicament: What kind of compressor and Nailer do we buy? :confused:

We want to use the compressor for other things, obviously, so it needs to have a good PSI right? what else should we look for?

Also, for a nailer, since we will only be using it for one or two projects, could we buy a cheapo one off ebay? Like this one: NEW HARDWOOD FLOORING CLEAT NAILER & WOOD FLOOR STAPLER on (item 330483361361 end time 17-Oct-10 21:58:00 EDT)

We just need one that will get the job done... not one that will last throughout time, since we plan to live here for quite a while.

Your help would be greatly appreciated :p


oldognewtrick 10-17-2010 04:55 PM

I don't know about your area, but around here you can sometimes find a deal at a pawn shop or used equipement store. Theres a store close to me called RE-Tool and they have used and new tools.

budro 10-17-2010 08:21 PM

lowe's has a porter cable compressor rated for about 150 psi. i really like it. i have been in the business for several years and even though they make bigger better more expensive models i find this one suits my needs as a contractor who uses it weekly if not daily. it is the one with the one round red tank. maybe called a 175 psi unit. i'm not for sure it would work but you might check into a good trim nailer. this air gun is designed to shoot nails at an angle such as in crown molding. i wonder if it would work on tongue and groove flooring since you would shoot at an angle here too. i have a porter cable trim nailer and love it too. i have many different brand tools i like so i am not pushing porter cable but that is what works for me. if you purchased a trim nailer and it did your floor you would have a trim nailer for everything in the house too! thanks, budro

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