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remodelinghouse 04-06-2011 12:43 PM

hardwood steps???
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I am in the process of installing hardwood steps in my house. I did the first three and thought they looked pretty good. The temp outside was 80, so i turned the furnace off. Unfortunately, I went out of town without turning it back on. As a result, I came home to this today (please see attached picture):

I did not face nail the front of the steps as I was hoping the liquid nails glue and nails under the risers would be enough. (I see that is a big mistake now). I have turned the heat back on, do you think the steps will level back out?

Is there any way to fix this?

If they do flatten back down, I will face nail the front of them. How many nails do you all recommend?

Will face nailing them prevent this from happening in the future? I did a lot of research online and didn't find anything saying I needed to lay a vapor barrier or anything under the hardwood before putting them on. Do I need to do this??

Any advice and insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.

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