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Ian 10-30-2007 08:26 AM

How to attach my wood flooring to my subfoor?
Good morning all.

I've just ripped up the nasty old carpet in my new/old house and will be replacing it with solid bamboo flooring. I have a problem though. The subfloor consists of 1x4s at 45-degrees across the floor framing (which is fine), but on top of that, instead of what should be plywood, is 5/8 (I think) particle board.

Particle board isn't exactly known for its ability to hold a nail - in this case, the nails from my wood flooring. And even if I wanted to glue it down instead (which I don't because I really hate working with floor mastic plus I'm trying to stay enviro-friendly by not using it), then the incredibly stubborn carpet residue remaining on the particle board would prevent the glue from getting a solid bite on the subfloor.

My question is: Is there a way I can practically nail my wood floor to the particle board and expect a good bite? Or can I use long nails and go right through it to the one-bys below?

Thanks! :)

Daryl 10-31-2007 07:39 PM

If you can get the Particle board surface scraped smooth you can probably leave it in place. Your flooring nails will probably be 2" or longer so you should engage the 1X's lying underneath. Also your nails will be entering at 45 degrees through the edge of the tongue so you will pick up extra holding strength that way also. Go through the rooms after the carpet is up and floors are smoothed and screw down the underlayment (particle board ) to eliminate any sqeaks or groans. Easier to do it now than find them after installation and have to live with them forever!


glennjanie 11-01-2007 07:14 PM

Welcome Ian:
Personally, I would take all the particle board out. I hate the stuff. It is heavy, disolves in water, stinks, supports algae when wet, is not structrualy sound. Did I mention I hate the stuff.

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