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tdeepness 05-03-2010 08:22 PM

how is vinyl resilient plank flooring?
i just put in engineered hardwood in my dining room and now i'm looking to replace carpet in my family room and need options other than carpet. i'd like to put in hardwood or engineered but the family room is the room that my kids and dogs spend the most time in. i don't want to put that in because i know it will get damaged, dogs scratching it, and various juices, paints, etc.

i need an option that will hold up to that wear and tear. from what i read laminate won't work, but i found vinyl resilient planks. from what i read they're pretty durable and can withstand water, won't scratch. i've found some planks that look like wood and is in 4" x 36" and 6" x 36" planks.

has anyone had any experience with this? or does anyone have any other options? i'll be doing this myself so i don't want to do anything too complicated.


samfloor 05-20-2010 09:28 AM

Vinyl planks can be a bear to install and some don't have a good track record as far as staying stuck together. And although they are listed as "water resistant" they won't withstand much water.

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