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SPISurfer 03-06-2009 09:03 AM

Level 5 Finish
We live in the land of texture - mucho mas joint compound. We are trying to have flat flat flat walls and ceiling. I think this is taking too long. The corners are difficult. The sanding is miserable. We even cried uncle and tried to get someone to help us finish the walls. Everyone wants to throw texture on the walls and ceiling. Heck we did the laundry room and it looked great. It's the rest of the house that's getting us down. The kitchen, den, dinning room, entry and living room are now one big room. The stall is also that we tend to take more days off from working on the house.

We just want smooth. We've read all the chatter about level 5 finish. Yes we would like to have semi-gloss paint, but we'll settle for smooth and flat to hide the minor imperfections. The other hang up is that we just don't know how far out to feather around the windows and entrance ways so that it appears gradual. There weren't any of these issues with the laundry room.

Better stop the coffee break and get back in there.

jdougn 03-06-2009 06:49 PM

Just a suggestion but have you tried renting a power sander? I've used them to remove drywall texture. They have an built-in vacuum system that picks up much of the dust.
hth, Doug

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