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ges74 02-08-2011 02:35 PM

Miami - 26th floor new contruct - flooring ?
Homeowner newbie here...just bought a condo in Miami (read: high humidity) on the 26th floor. Unit is new construction with concrete slab floors. Regulations dictate "non-carpet flooring must be minimum STC60/ICR53".

I am thinking of putting click-cork in. Questions:

1) any general comments on cork use in this environment?
2) what will I need? The click panels themselves, 3-in-1 foam/PE underlay, anything else?
3) will this setup meet the requirements stated above?
4) any other ideas for a cheap, good-looking solution to my challenge?
5) has anyone done business with iFloor or WorldFloorsDirect? If so, any comments?

Also, the condo is a loft with stairs like the ones in my album (sorry, don't know how to create URLs for each individual photo). How to finish those planks??!?!? I can't find anything online about finishing stair steps like that.

Many thanks,

mudmixer 02-08-2011 03:24 PM

Make sure you get a certification from the supplier that what you propose to install has been documented to meet the specified standards.

Because it is for "non-carpeted" it is probably for sound (mainly impact) and the underlayment and installation will be very important.


samfloor 02-09-2011 08:52 AM

ifloor was having severe money problems and I believe filed bankruptcy. Don't know if that got straightened out or not.

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