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crappyone 04-16-2009 11:15 AM

My Mom needs help with collapsing Ceiling.

New here and I need some help. Actually my mother needs help,
but I need your help before I can help her.
The Toilet above her bedroom flooded the other day and quite
a bit of water leaked down through her tiled ceiling into her room.
So her ceiling is trashed and I would like to attempt to fix it.
Although I have never done anything like this, she does not have
the money to call someone to fix it.
I've enclosed some pictures. From what you see can I just go buy
some 12" tiles and put them up? How hard is it to put those up?
I tore some down and it seemed simple enough, but things always
seem that way till you get in there and get your hands dirty.
I tried looking for websites with pictures or directions/instruction, but
found nothing.
Well here are the pictures.

Sorry for pictures sizes, it wouldn't let me post a link to smaller thumbnails.

So is it possible for me (someone who's never done this kinda stuff before) to fix that without calling a professional?
Thank you very much for your help.

HouseSurgeon 04-17-2009 06:23 PM

Go to any home store and you'll find those ceiling tiles. They have a tongue and grove type of application. You need a heavy duty hand stapler to install the tile. Put them together on the floor first and get a feel for how they are installed then go to town. Staple the tongues on to the wood furring strips. Use a utility knife to score and snap the tile when you need to cut them. Make sure the leak is fixed first!

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