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katit 05-06-2008 11:25 AM

Nails/staples for 3/8 hardwood

I'm in beginning stage of my project (hardwood) and I'm choosing tools. I got Bostitch floor stapler.

I will be doing about 600sqft of brazilian rosewood. It's 3/8" and harder.
I also will be doing 500sqft of 3/4" bamboo.

Have hard time choosing gauge for my finish nailer. All angled ones seem to be 15ga (some Paslode's in 16ga) but to me 15ga looks like too much for 3/8 hard wood.

What would be your advise on this? I wonder if my stapler will give me a trouble since it's using 15ga staples?

glennjanie 05-06-2008 02:53 PM

Welcome Katit:
The 15 ga. staples should work just fine. That's a pretty slim nail and with a stapler it goes through the wood so fast it doesn't have time to damage it. Just stay at least 2" away from any ends because the ends split easier. You may want to take one piece of the hardwood out and staple it just to see how its going to work.

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