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tgs 07-02-2011 04:09 PM

Oak Wood Floors over cinder block foundation
We purchased oak wood planks and had them delivered to our cabin in March of this year and we installed it ourselves in April. The foundation is cinder block over a crawl space (dirt). The sub-flooring is OSB and we put down a layer of tar paper. The wood flooring is nailed down. This is a cabin in the Ozarks and we only visit every 3 months. We received a call from our contractor that is doing another job and he told us that the floor has buckled. We are assuming that the high humidity of the many rains and warm weather caused this. The obvious problem is that there was no dehumidifier or a/c on during this time we were not there. Now what do we do? :confused:

samfloor 07-03-2011 10:07 AM

Is it buckled or cupped? If it's cupped, you might be able to sand it down, I'm assuming this is solid, not engineered, and there is a good chance it will cup again. If it is buckled, you may have to replace the subfloor as it most likely turned loose. Did you nail it or use cleats? What did the wood mill recommend? I would personally not install wood on an OSB subfloor in an area where there is extreme moisture and humidity swings.

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